Sunday, January 2, 2011

La cuisine!

Some sketches of Vivienne's kitchen. . . I was playing around with the outside, starting out with the way out there Candyland, hey-look-at-me-I'm-so-obviously-a-pastry kind of look.

However, since Vivi inherited the property, it can't very well start out looking like a canelé. It morphed into a corner three-story property with the general store-turned-pastry shop on the bottom level, kitchen on the 2nd floor, and a cleaned out attic apartment that was used mostly for storage on the third floor. The plan of the kitchen changed dozens of times, finally solidifying into the Maya screenshot with all parts labeled.

The "thinking" page. I was playing around with various designs for the doors for the pastry oven - an otherwise boring stainless steel box on four legs. I was inspired by pastries with slices of baked apples on them:

Another 'thinking' page:

Three shots of the kitchen from various angles. I was unable to wedge a camera into the room modeled in Maya without getting crazy 3-point perspective, so I had to approximate the angles on my own. I tried not to use a ruler too often so it wouldn't have the look of a dead Drawing-101-look-at-me-practicing-perspective-shots feel to it. . . free-handing the staircase was a bit of a challenge, though. Thank goodness for good erasers. :]

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