Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bible and Irene

A revival of a couple of old characters, Bible and Irene. They were created roughly six years ago, part of some epic story that I never lifted off the ground. Bible is a demon and Irene is a mage, specialising in illusions and summoning creatures.

Predictably, his race ages a lot slower than us mere mortals, so these doodles are a couple of 'what ifs'. What if the two lovers became separated for a long time and Bible eventually came back for Irene? She's wearing a somewhat less slutty garb from her original design she sported in her late teens, and I imagine she's a part of some temple or other magical institution instead of the wild adventurer type she was when she met Bible. Here's Bible's original design, by the way. Holy tight pants, Batman.

The progression of the argument was insanely fun to draw. But I don't like leaving them completely unhappy, so there's a doodle of the two during their happier times at the bottom. :]

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