Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Phee and Miri

Redesigned an old character from college years - Phee, a succubus. Now, I don't really do overly sexy characters, so Phee's kind of a challenge to portray. I wanted her to have that Little Mermaid innocence to her looks - she was never meant to be a sex-crazed creature or, like Jessica Rabbit, be a classy dame trapped in ridiculously sensual body language. Whenever Phee seduces, it's more like acting on instinct than clearly plotting moral destruction of some poor sap.

Miri's acting as her bodyguard in a journey. Being of a rather stoic and inexpressive character she offers a nice contrast to Phee's effervescence. Phee's really impressed with her bodyguard and I just love drawing her annoying the crap out of Miri.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, Phee can disguise herself as a human and hide her horns and goat legs (not pictured)


tl;dr - look at purdy pictures of gurlz

Gussie's Escape

Some preliminary sketches from a short story...

The source of Gussie's unhappiness...

...as revealed in conversation with her mom. :)

Gussie and Prissie

Okay, so. More of Prissie, Gussie's friend from finishing school, and Gussie herself. I love the interactions between the two. Gussie's such a freaking spaz, I love it. Priscilla's protective and mothering nature shines whenever the two are together.


Just a couple of unrelated sketchers, with a lovestruck Gussie at the bottom. I'm sure in the sketch where she's peeking around the brick corner, she's spying on her crush. Augustine wouldn't be terribly confident in the manners of romance, I imagine, what with her wounded confidence and stuffs.

Moving right along, then. A strangely out of character chipper Gussie. She's clearly scheming, though, which is probably why Priscilla looks depressed. I think they're supposed to be in Paris.

And finally, more random sketches of the two doing school stuff - studying for an exam at the top (Prissie's done studying - she's not the dimmest girl you'd meet, but... far from brightest, too). The girls are both part of the choir, hence the singing sketch... oh, and more spazzing out from Gussie at the bottom.

Miri garbage

Some old sketches I'd promised myself I'd get around to scanning/etc.