Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gussie study

Dear old Gussie, I've abandoned you for quite some time.

Part of the problem is that she always has a pained expression on her face, as she's a suffering teenager, misunderstood by the world, abandoned by luck, etc, etc (all this is, of course, how she sees it - there's nothing particularly abandoned or suffering about a girl growing up in a wealthy family). And drawing a character that's constantly miserable tends to make me miserable also, and I don't want to deal with their emo anymore.

But anyway, I dusted her off again, as I started playing with oil pastels in Painter. Just laid down the values in a desaturated red. Then added colour in PS, plus some gradient layers... my only qualm about this is that I started with a white background... big mistake, I'll have to keep in mind to change it in later attempts...

Here's an older version, before I changed her face a bunch:

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